Crust Worthy

What is Crust Worthy?

We are a small-scale, community-supported baking operation with a true love for sourdough baking.

Our all naturally-leavened bread library is ever-expanding – from the sublime simplicity of traditional wheat loaves, to more adventurous breads that showcase seasonal ingredients and unexpected flavors. In addition to our bread, we offer a variety of sourdough-infused baked goods, such as muffins, sweet and savory rolls, cakes, and cookies…and our list is still growing, so please watch out for new items on our website and social media.

We hope you’ll give our creations a taste… little else makes us happier than sharing our delicious and nutritious bread!

What do you mean by “all naturally-leavened” and “cultured” baking?

Naturally leavened bread, or sourdough bread, is made possible when wild yeast and other micro flora are encouraged to flourish in a mixture of flour and water. The leavening (what makes the dough rise) has had no artificial aid from other mass-produced yeasts or additives – just a longer time to do its work. Unlike commercial yeast-risen bread, naturally occurring cultures are mixed into a dough to provide many taste and health benefits to the final baked product. You can learn more about natural leavening and cultured baked goods by visiting our FAQ page on Sourdough.

Where can I find/buy Crust Worthy bread and other baked goods?

The Big Idea Bookstore & Cafe currently carries our Golden Challah Rolls, which are vegan and naturally-sweetened! Visit them in Bloomfield to try one (or all) of the Classic, Sweet-Sesame,or Chocolate-Tahini varieties.

We currently offer our bread and other baked goods within the city of Pittsburgh by special order. Pick-up is at The Big Idea Bookstore & Cafe, in Bloomfield, during their regular business hours. Delivery options are available with an additional fee, determined by distance and order size.

We also sell our goods on occasion at special events in Pittsburgh. Please follow us on instagram and facebook to hear more about when those events will be!

What kinds of flour do you use?

We primarily use classic “white” wheat and “whole” wheat flours in our baking, but we also love to use spelt, rye, buckwheat, and other fun varieties.

More importantly, we source our flour so that it is never bleached, never bromated, and never “enriched,” which is code for “stripped of its natural vitamins and minerals.” (Gross!)

I have a specific food-allergy/dietary need. What can you accommodate?

All of our current offerings are vegan, and free of the following, unless otherwise specified:

  • dairy
  • egg
  • tree-nuts
  • peanuts
  • soy

While we take care not to cross-contaminate, some of our ingredients may have been processed in a facility containing these listed allergens. If you have any other dietary questions, please feel free to contact us.

Can you bake me a gluten-free/wheat-free loaf of bread?

While our bread can be suitable for some people with gluten-sensitivity, our bread is not gluten-free or wheat-free. Those who are gluten-sensitive and wish to try our sourdough products must do so at their own risk. Crust Worthy’s sourdough bread is not recommended for consumption by anyone with an absolute gluten-intolerence and/or who has been diagnosed with celiac disease.

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